The Corona Virus Outbreak – Strategies For Effective Remote Work

As the corona virus story unfolds around the world, we’ve put together some effectiveness tips to help people and organizations adopt effective remote work strategies

Strategy 2: Provide access to productivity, line of business applications, and communications/collaboration tools. Business today revolves around teamwork using shared knowledge assets including documents, files, reports, spreadsheets, rich media, and both structured and unstructured data. Such assets are created and used with applications that include the usual office productivity suites like Microsoft Office365, local content/document management systems, the corporate intranet, HR systems, CRM, ERP, and countless other systems.

Ensuring all of these work well via remote access can be solved partially with remote desktops, as noted above. In general, we advice cloud solutions for your remote work efforts, as installing native applications on compatible devices can be difficult, whereas cloud solutions will work with most common browsers and are especially enabling access to mobile applications.

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