Routinize Your Fitness

Maintaining a daily schedule can help you stay committed to your Fitness Regime. See why this works better and how you could identify your personal zone.

What time is the best to exercise?

Effective exercise is all about enjoying the experience and going with the flow without distractions – your Zen time. Knowing this, the following are some factors that may be wise to consider.

While determining the right time appropriate to you, it is worthwhile considering your body’s internal clock or Circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm governs the way your body functions through the day. It’s different for different people and makes some an early bird and others a night owl. The Circadian rhythm influences body functions such as body temperature, hormone levels and heart rate among others. All of which are key to your body’s readiness for exercise. You don’t want to face resistance from your body while exercising, so it’s better to go with your body’s natural flow.

Also, consider your other daily commitments.  There is no point in trying to hurry through a set of exercise while mentally being tuned to your next daily task. Try finding a time slot when you have your genuine ‘me-time’.

It pays to be sensitive to your body, for instance give yourself 90 minutes after a meal before exercising. If you prefer your exercises in the mornings, then you would need to spend a little extra time in stretching before hitting your routines.

Ultimately remember that what really matters is that you make it easier to stick with exercising and be consistent about it. Obvious answer then that one of the best ways to achieve an easier flow is to find the time of the day that works well for you, fits what body’s natural rhythm and fits your schedule. Right on top comes that you should find out the right setting to enjoy your fitness schedule.

Research on exercise and time of day is growing but is still not definitive and not without controversy. In general, if you can stick consistently with a specific time, you will be more likely to train regularly and get better health results.

Author: Aseema Health

I grew up on fast food and was overweight for my entire youth. My wake-up call was a couple of years back when I watched both my parents go through the travails of getting diagnosed as diabetic and hypertensives. Since then, my passion has been learning and following the nuances of healthy living. I am now a firm believer in the natural and organic food movement. I believe that we have the power to change our relationship with our health by focusing on what we eat. I exercise regularly and eat sensibly… two key factors that I believe are essential for great health.

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