Organic On A Budget

4. The mailing list wonders

Join the mailing list of your local organic store. You will receive the latest promotions and produce ahead of your shopping trip. Spend a few minutes scanning through the essentials. This can help you plan ahead of your visit to the store.

5. Eat Before You Go to the Store

You will be surprised at how effective this simple advice is. According to studies, shoppers spend an average of 64 percent more when hungry. The biggest temptation while shopping can be an ‘rumble in your tummy’, so eat before you visit the store to eliminate tantalizing foods that will cause you to go over-budget.

6. Small change savings

Organic stores frequently charge for the shopping bag. Keep a set of re-usable bags in your car and save on the small change. The small change maybe but a number, but feels great and helps you stay motivated.

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