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I did an extensive read-up on articles and content related to Gut Microbiome and decided on the following:

  1. I wanted to avoid trying anything where risks had been reported
  2. I would focus on practices that were more adaptable to simple everyday life – without major adjustments
  3. I would document my routine symptoms in a diary to validate if there were any changes in my routine health.

I’ve been following these recommendations for over two months now, and my experience with cultivating a friendly relationship with my gut flora has been pleasantly satisfying. 

I do not have the post lunch bloating and lethargy.

My energy levels seem definitely higher.

An incidental finding that I noticed is that the chronic irritability and itch in my scalp has all but disappeared. (Very interesting indeed! This may be a complete coincidence, since I couldn’t find relevant literature connecting scalp itchiness with a gut friendly regime, but who’s to complain).

To be honest, I couldn’t follow all the recommendations to the proverbial T. For instance I hated kefir from my first try, but I guess that’s just me. My wife on the other hand, really took to kefir and loves it.

I also wanted to try Kombucha, but did not find it locally. Jini Patel Thompson’s videos on the dangers of home fermented Kombucha, left me vary of trying the home fermented option by myself. So definitely home fermentation was out for me. The result, Kombucha still remains the elusive to-do item on my dietary round-up list. 

I stuck to the 12 hour break rule and that was fine with me since it sat well with my schedule – shuttling between getting the kids ready for school and getting to my office on time. It did call for a bit of discipline especially from the kids (“Aww it’s not time for dinner yet” the “can we eat later” laments from the kids), but persistence paid well here.

All in all, it’s been a really interesting and positive experience overall. I really enjoyed learning more about gut bacteria and the specific steps I could take to improve my health. I now know which foods need more attention to help alleviate my health issues.

So, would I recommend weaving gut microbiome as a topic into your health regimes ? Absolutely! You must give it a try. The recommendations are really quite low effort and the benefits do seem tangible.  While this is a relatively newer popular stream, gut microbiome looks like it’s here to stay.

Author: Aseema Health

I grew up on fast food and was overweight for my entire youth. My wake-up call was a couple of years back when I watched both my parents go through the travails of getting diagnosed as diabetic and hypertensives. Since then, my passion has been learning and following the nuances of healthy living. I am now a firm believer in the natural and organic food movement. I believe that we have the power to change our relationship with our health by focusing on what we eat. I exercise regularly and eat sensibly… two key factors that I believe are essential for great health.

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