Bottled Water … Safe? Think Again

Is BPA free plastics safe?

BPA is a wider known villain, and frequently plastic bottles are advertised as BPA-Free. Does this make them safer? Not really! Most forms of plastic are likely to still contain BPS, a chemical similar to BPA, but one that hasn’t yet received the wide-spread negative publicity that BPA has.

How big is this problem?

Today we rely on plastic bottled water so widely that it’s difficult to imagine life without them.

Consider the numbers ….  the Guardian reports that our binge obsession with plastics translates to consuming more than a million plastic bottles of water every minute. By 2021, this is estimated to exceed half a trillion bottles a year.

The convenience of plastic bottles, extensive advertising and a mistrust of tap water have resulted in a possibly one of the biggest ‘selective blindness’ in history. We simply fail to notice the perils of plastic bottled water. Numerous studies have concluded that plastics and endocrine disruptors are a worldwide problem for both fertility and reproductive health… known fact. But think again, would these findings prevent you from reaching out to the next ‘convenient’ bottle on the super-market shelf?

Join the increasing amount of people who want to stay hydrated but want to do so in a sensible, healthy and eco-friendly manner. Use glass bottles or metal flasks and carry filtered water. Agreed that this is not as convenient as plastic ones, but undoubtedly safer.

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